The Goodyear range incorporates technology and advances in tyre design gathered from Goodyears various research and development teams located around the world. You can feel confident that there is a Goodyear tyre of the highest quality to suit your individual needs.
Chapel Corner Tyres are one of the exclusive agents of the Goodyear Eagle LS2000II Hybrid Tyre, and the Goodyear Duraplus Tyre in conjunction with the Goodyear Autocare Network

From cyclists to motorsport champions, people have always been the inspiration for Michelin tyres. The journey to discover innovative mobility solutions has taken Michelin from humble beginnings in France all the way to outer space.
Michelin has developed over 3,500 types of technologically advanced tyres for all vehicles; including bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, aircraft, motorsport and even the NASA space shuttle. These people with the same passion design your tyres.
Chapel Corner Tyres now stock the latest Energy XM2, Pilot Sport 3 and Latitude Touring Tyres.

"Power is Nothing Without Control"
Over one hundred years' experience of tyre technology has enabled Pirelli to combine in their products maximum levels of security, longevity and comfort. With today's enhanced skills and an enthusiasm for driving, Pirelli engineers have been able to make vast steps forward.
Each Pirelli tyre provides not only performance but also a "feel for the road" and a communication with the driver, allowing a better understanding of the vehicles performance. In short, Pirelli makes your journey an enjoyable and trouble-free adventure
BF Goodrich

The worlds most popular 4x4 tyre is now available in three different varieties:
  • Crush your way through the toughest terrains with BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/AKO tyres 
  • Savage your way through the wilderness with BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/AKM tyres
  • BF Goodrich Macadam T/A are the tyres that put all the fun from off-road into an on-road SUV tyre

Regardless of whether you are racing around Mount Panorama, or running around the streets of Melbourne. Dunlop can provide you with a tyre offering the very best in performance, quality and of course, safety.

Bridgestone have a huge variety of tyres to suit the needs of every vehicle on the road. Whether you have a small run-about, a family sedan or a Four Wheel Drive, Bridgestone has the right tyre for you.

A brand name destined for world-wide success. Silverstone had laid its foundation well. Since its inception in 1988. Silverstone had pursued its quest to produce quality tyres of the highest export standards. Employing state-of-the-art technology and quality control systems comparable to the best in the world.
Chapel Corner Tyres is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of Silverstone High Performance Tyres in Victoria.

Taiwan's leading Tyre Company Federal Corporation, now produces China's top-performing tyre - Hero. The tyres are appropriately named after the city where they are produced Nanchang "The City of Heroes".
From humble beginnings as an entry-level passenger and light truck tyre, Hero now produces a premium range of UHP, Passenger, SUV and Light Truck Tyres.
Chapel Corner Tyres is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of Hero Tyres in Victoria.


The Hercules Tire & Rubber Company have a solid long-standing reputation for being one of the best Tyre Manufacturers in the world. They all feature outstanding innovations in safety, performance and design, in Passenger, UHP and Light Truck / SUV tyre lines.
Chapel Corner Tyres is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of Hercules Tyres in Victoria.