A brand name destined for world-wide success

Silverstone had laid its foundation well since its inception in 1988. Silverstone had pursued its quest to produce quality tyres of the highest export standards, employing state-of-the-art technology and quality control systems comparable to the best in the world.
In every aspect of planning and operations. Silverstones vision revolves around one aspiration - to be acclaimed as a world superior tyre manufacturer. Complemented by advanced technology to enforce continuous research and development, as well as progressive quality control systems, Silverstone is indeed proud to be the first tyre manufacturer in Malaysia to produce and export Z-rated low profile tyres.
Silverstone has now developed it range to include world-class High Performance Tyres, and an exceptional range of 4x4 Tyres which they are immensely proud of. The lineup of their range of tyres are as follows:

FTZ Sport Evol-8 - Ultra High Performance Silica
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Kruizer #1 NS500 - Performance / Luxury / Silica
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Kruizer #1 NS700 - Performance / Luxury / Quietness / Mileage / Silica
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Synergy M3 - Premium Budget / Grip / Handling / Eco Friendly
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Synergy M5 - Luxury / Eco Friendly / Long Mileage
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4x4 Range - All Terrain / Highway Terrain / Mud Terrain / Extreme Mud
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