Orygen Youth Health - www.oyh.org.au

Orygen Youth Health (OYH) is a world leading youth mental health organization based in Melbourne, with a specialised youth mental health clinical service, internationally renowned research centre and integrated training and communications program


In July 2013, Gecko Wheels founder Stephen Nash rode his bicycle up the legendary Alpe D’Huez  (of Tour de France fame) in the French Alps raising over $32,000 for OYH in the process!


You too can donate and support this wonderful organization by visiting their website




Port Melbourne Football Club - www.pmfc.com.au

Chapel Corner Tyres are proud sponsors of 'The Mighty Boroughs'




Navrun 4WD Events - www.navrun.com.au

Chapel Corner Tyres and Gecko Wheels are proud sponsors of Rudi Paoletti and the fantastic rage of 4WD events that he organises and promotes in Australia. Silverstone tyres are also naming sponsors of the Silverstone Amazing Race




Team MudRhino - www.mudrhino.com.au

Team Mud Rhino is one of the Australia's largest offroad communities, and have been contributing to enhancing the profile of Australian offroad sports and promoting responsibility within the recreational lifestyle.Chapel Corner Tyres in conjunction with Silverstone Tyres and Gecko Wheels are proud sponsors




St Vincent de Paul Society - www.vinnies.org.au/soup-vans-vic

The St Vincent de Paul Societies Soup Vans provide assistance to more than700 people each night, and serve over 230000 meals per year. Through the vision of two wonderful people, Father Doug and Eric, Chapel Corner Service Centre is proud to be associated with such wonderful people who look after our community